Declare state of emergency now – Bobi Wine

  • by Mark Kalule
  • July 14, 2020

People Power Movement leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has called for a state of emergency in protest of the so-called 2021 scientific elections.

“We struggle to have our country rebranded back to Uganda from Uganda Limited where some people take it as their private company and are ready to crash any citizen who to tries to claim a stake in its administration,” he said on Monday.

“Our endeavour is to have all citizens gain an equal stake in the affairs of their country.”

Bobi Wine was enraged by a weekend incident in which minister of Health Dr Jane Ruth Aceng allegedly held a political rally contrary to regulations and even did so without wearing a face mask.

“The Minister claims to have been teaching these people about the use of masks. The thuggery of the Museveni regime is sickening,” Bobi Wine stated/

“No amount of covering up will cause us to accept the nonsense called a scientific election! These double standards must be exposed and rejected.”

Aceng debacle

The video which went viral on social media shows a procession organised by Ms. Jane Ruth Aceng, Uganda’s minister for health, who is running for Woman Member of Parliament, Lira District on NRM ticket.

Some of the people in the video are not wearing face masks. There is no social distance whatsoever.

“This is just one of the other gatherings she has convened from the time she announced her candidature. This is the same person who has signed regulations banning boda boda operations, religious gatherings, arcades’ operations, schools, etc,” Bobi Wine noted.

Jinja scuffle

While this was going on in Lira, Ugandans who gathered around a radio station in Jinja to merely wave at Bobi Wine were tear gassed, and others brutalised for ‘violating COVID regulations’.

Apparently, police tried to break into the radio’s studios but could not succeed. Their demands to the station managers to open the studios were rejected as illegal.

Michael Muwanguzi, the manager of NBS FM in Jinja told Daily Monitor that there had been heavy police deployment at the station before Bobi Wine arrived.

He said crowds of chanting supporters gathered outside the station as the People Power leader was live on air on the current affairs talk show titled ndabilwamu (mirror) hosted by Ibrahim Shamiru Byakika.

The police entered the newsroom and went up to the studio where we were hosting Hon Kyagulanyi but because we have security locks on the door to the studio, they could not access him.

The police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, denied that police had entered the station.

He insisted they only deployed outside to guide Mr Kyagulanyi out of the city safely.

“As the regime pushes for what they call a scientific election, NRM politicians across the country are organising public rallies and other gatherings,” he noted.

The same way they brutalised Hon. Zaake for giving food assistance to starving residents, while NRM politicians held rallies to distribute food.

“There has never been a more shameless, more hypocritical, and more crass regime than the NRM regime. They are pathetic liars, always doing the opposite of what they preach.”

He went on: “I call upon all Ugandans to reject the nonsense of a scientific election. We must also stand in solidarity and reject the continued violation rights of citizens to earn a living in the name of enforcing COVID regulations!”