Arresting Me Won’t Help – Bitter Basajja Mivule Tells Off Gov’t


Government has been challenged to come out and explain issues raised by dissatisfied Ugandans instead of intimating those that bring them out.

The call has been made by veteran Journalist Bassajja Mivule moments before his arrest from Baba Television offices in Kampala on Monday morning by plain clothed security personnel.

Mivule who said was not intimidated by what could befall him for speaking the truth noted he had earlier received a call from Criminal Investigations department (CID) asking him to report himself to their headquarters for questioning in relation to his sectarian utterances or be arrested.

He admitted having said that the country’s top military and government officials come from the Western part of the country noting he wouldn’t retract his statement since it’s true.

“As a citizen, it’s my responsibility to seek answers on various issues affecting this nation and government is expected to provide those answers instead of threatening to arrest me” said Mivule in a Facebook video.

He added “am a person who believes in God, am not afraid of people who only kill the body, am afraid of God who has the authority of killing both the body and the soul”

Mivule said arresting citizens for speaking the truth will not erase the truth from the minds of the rest of the population.

“The solution is not intimidating us, arresting us or even torturing us, government needs to come out and provide explanation on the issues raised by the populace” emphasized Mivule.

The police’s CID confirms the arrest of Mivule but is yet to divulge details of his case.