We Shall Force You Out or go to The Bush, Bobi Wine Tells Incumbent Museveni Over Scientific Polls

  • by Rodney Mponye
  • June 22, 2020

Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu popular name Bobi Wine has denounced the ‘scientific elections’ — saying “no Ugandan should be fooled into believing that [President] Museveni is doing this for the safety of Ugandans”.

Addressing a media briefing at the People Power headquarters on Monday, the popular presidential aspirant Bobi Wine claimed that using the coronavirus as an excuse, Museveni and the Electoral Commission are banning public rallies and other aspects of an election.

“He was hiding behind the Public Order Management Act and now he’s hiding under COVID19 to block us from reaching the people,” the MP said, adding:-
“he recently met with the Electoral Commission and gave them orders to organize what he called a scientific election.”

Bobi Wine has already declared intentions to challenge the incumbent, President Museveni, who has been in power since before the Berlin Wall fell.

“We are telling you that you either organize a free and fair election or step down peacefully, but if you continue provoking the patience of the people of Uganda, they will rise up against you and you will end up in the dustbin of history like your friend Ghadafi, like your friend Mobutu and like your friend Omar El Bashir,” Bobi Wine said.

Last week, Bobi Wine and Dr Kiiza Besigye said they are joining forces ahead of 2021 elections because they have realized it is the only way they can defeat the ruling NRM party.

The two popular opposition leaders, who command a large following in the opposition circles, said it was time to put their differences aside and work for the common good.

“This country is bigger than all of us individuals. We as leaders can only see and show you the way. We are announcing these activities and can only succeed if we all work hand in hand. We have been talking and this we are doing is yet another step in the right direction. We see the counterattacks and it should be message we should not be each other’s enemy. We must know that there is only one enemy,” Kyagulanyi said.

Dr Besigye said: “It has not been an easy journey to come to this day of joining hands as united forces of change. What we have done today is a new chapter calling upon all Ugandans to come together.”

He added: “Indeed Covid has shown how the people Uganda have been brought to the brink of destruction. What we are doing today is giving direction to the more than 90% population to regain their country. This is a clarion call to say time has come to raise our voices and say this is our country.”


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