EXCLUSIVE! Detained ISO Cyber Operative Simon Odongo Fighting For His life at Bombo Military Hospital

  • by Rodney Mponye
  • May 21, 2020

The Military has evacuated Simon Peter Odongo a former cyber expert at Internal Security Organization (ISO) from Makindye Military barracks to Bombo Military hospital in critical conditions, this website exclusively reports.

Odongo was recently remanded to Military police cells in Makindye by a Military court in Kampala after being arrested by a sister security agency.

He was arrested from his home by a combined force of police detectives and officers from Chieftainancy of Military Intelligence (CMI) all attached to Special Investigations (SID) base in Kireka.

According to medical records available from a Kampala based hospital, Odongo suffers from acute Asthma, diabetes and blood hypertension and has been on medication for a very long time.

A very credible source told this website that Odongo was rushed to Bombo military hospital by officers who recently arrested him after his health conditions worsened because of over bleeding from a gunshot wound coupled with diabetes and asthematic conditions which worsened his health condition.

There are fears that Simon Odongo could lose his life because his health deteriorates every day.

“Simon is dying because he is in bad shape, the gun shot wound is causing problems because as you know diabetic patients once they get an injury it can be gravely devastating, now with acute asthma he is unable to breath well,” a Credible source at Bombo military hospital told yours truly on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak to the media.

Another credible source at General court martial in Makindye also told this website that Simon Peter was charged with only one account which was illegal possession of two fire arms and military uniforms contrary to other different charges being published by a section of the media to serve for propaganda purposes.

“The only charge we have on Simon Odongo is illegal possession of fire arms. Other charges being published by the media I don’t know where they got them from. We have only one account,” the source says.

It is also confirmed that the two fire arms a pistol and an AK 47 riffle were legally assigned to him by his employers (ISO) who up to now have not been informed by this sister agency about the arrest of Simon Peter Odongo and his whereabouts.

A placed source among the arresting officers intimated to us that the team is stuck with Simon Odongo because they have no evidence to pin him on allegations which led to his shooting during arrest.

“They brought a document for Simon Peter to sign such that he acknowledges that he was working on the orders of his boss the Director General of ISO to write fake reports. They assured him that if he accepted and signed on the document, they would set him free but he declined to sign. Now the problem is that he is dying, we are stuck with him and trying to look for another possible solution” A highly placed source at Mbuya told us.

According to his family, when arresting officers raided his home in the morning at 8:00 am, Simon did not put up resistance. One of the officers came with an AK 47 riffle which he put behind a fridge. His wife tried to ask them why they were putting the gun behind the fridge yet the husband had handed over the two guns which were legally given to him by the security agency he was working for.

Then one of the officers who had identified himself as an operative from CMI pulled out a pistol and shot Simon in his leg aiming at a main blood vessel taking blood to the heart.

“It was very heartbreaking because Simon’s children were seeing the shooting of their dad, they cried, they asked him why he shot their dad who even at the time was sick, but the officer was arrogant and boastful,” the family intimates.

This officer has since been identified as D/ASP Benon Ayebare a police detective at SIU Kireka and formery OCID Katwe police station.

ASP Ayebare was one of the blue eyed officers of Gen Kale Kayihura the former Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Uganda police force.

ASP Ayebare had been part of a new unit formed by Gen Kale Kayihura to only report directly to him but it was disbanded immediately Kayihura was dismissed as police chief and later detained.

Ayebare and others who were the eyes and ears of Gen Kayihura were later redeployed to SIU Kireka and other police departments.

It is indicated that the arresting officers have since been trying to find away of pinning Col Kaka Bagyenda through forcing Simon Odongo in exchange for his freedom such that they could present the document to H.E the President.

“What they want is the ISO office and nothing else, they want some one who will work for them, they don’t have any evidence to pin Simon, the charges of espionage and authoring fake intelligence reports only appear in the media for propaganda but not on charge sheet,” our source said.

“First of all they are sponsoring the media that Odongo and Col Kaka pinned Gen Kale Kayihura using fake Intelligence reports yet Kayihura’s troubles started by 2016 even when Kaka had not been deployed to ISO. They fail to remember that the commander in chief even warned Kale to organize his house or he organizes because of what he called Kawukumi in police.”

“Its not a secret that Gen Kayihura was arrested by the military while fleeing to Rwanda. Why don’t they talk about the mass kidnappings, women murders in Entebbe and Nansana which were carefully facilitated, assassinations of muslim clerics during reign as IGP and him pointing at ADF rebels yet ADF has never claimed any responsibility like rebels and terrorists like to do, not even Jamilu Mukulu was charged for any of these murders Kayihura used to blame on his rebel force,” the source continues.

“It is not a secret that in all these targeted murders and assassinations, Kayihura would arrest and torture wrong suspects and government is paying heavily in compensation after these victims were set free by court and later sued government,” the source adds.

It is further revealed that the President who was not happy with the shooting of Simon Odongo is keenly following up these matters and is yet to pronounce himself.