National Betrayal Speaker Kadaga and MPs abandon President M7 in COVID 19 Fight

  • by Guest Writer
  • April 18, 2020


When Corona virus 19 started ravaging the world, HE. President YK Museveni put on his combat, declared it National and international enemy number one. The fountain of honor used all media to educate the measures to prevent the spread of the deadly disease such avoiding crowds, closed public places including schools, churches, arcades and all other shops selling goods that are not necessities during the period of the pandemic and directed that people should stay home to avoid the spread of the pandemic. All people who returned during during the period of caution were screened and put and quarantine, all the borders, airspace except for cargo were closed.

Infrastructure to fight the pandemic was put in place. A task force to mobilize resources to fight the pandemic chaired by the Rt PM Rugunda and indeed a good job has been made.

Unfortunately Hon Rebecca Kadaga and the Parliament of Uganda have turned against the President and the People and decided to raid the treasury, make away with 10b allegedly to sensitise against COVID.

This notion is only parasitic and has no practical and moral justification. Sensitisation is made centrally and mass media is preferred to avoid crowds, people are not supposed to travel from one place to avoid the spread and any form of contribution is supposed to be made to the National Task Force.

While the president is struggling to raise resources, members of Parliament are struggling to eat and exhaust National coffers to the detriment of the people they represent.

10b would buy about 6000 tonnes of maize flour which can feed about 1m people sadly it is being taken by only 452 members of Parliament.

In the book of Hosea Chapter 1 verse 9 Yahweh commanded Hosea to name his son and 3rd Child Not My People signifying betrayal! “For you are nolonger my People and am not your God” We also name them not our Members of Parliament for out of greed, they have betrayed the President and us the People in our hour of Need.

For God and My Country.

Kamukama David, the Author is an NRM Supporter, PanAfranist and Lawyer.

He can be reached on tel 0786015464 Email: