Archbishop Cyprian Lwanga Urges President Museveni to Stop Brutalizing Opposition Politicians

  • by Emmanuel Nuwamanya
  • January 27, 2020

In view of the recent political scuffles in the country, the Archbishop of Kampala Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga has urged president Museveni to stop brutalizing opposition politicians while making remarks during a function in Bwebajja.

Dr. Lwanga said that it is President Museveni who has popularized Besigye and Bobi Wine, before adding that it is ill-advised to block opposition politicians.

He urged president Museveni to allow opposition politicians to freely associate with the public because it’s their fundamental right as citizens of the country.

“Imagine if Bobi Wine was allowed to go where he wanted to go because he has his human rights, all popularity that he has gained is because of the president and his regime,” he said.

He noted that the regime has greatly increased the popularity of opposition politicians due to brutality meted against them.

“Brutality against opposition is giving the president a bad name in the international scene, police should stop brutalizing people and the people being beaten are also voters, is that fair?  They are the citizens of this country,” he said.

He added :”You marked 34 years in power, you are doing the same things you fought against, really this is not fair.”

He also cautioned president Museveni against his close confidants whom he accused of giving him wrong information.

“The president should know that his advisers are misleading him because he has made Bobi Wine and Besigye including other opposition leaders.

Dr. Lwanga also warned journalists against writing wrong information against him and the church and urged them to stop such habits with immediate effect.