Court Confirms Businessman Kiconco as Lawful Owner of Disputed Lusanja Land

The judgment in the Lusanja land case has finally been, with High Court judge Tadeo Asiimwe ruling that businessmen Medard Kiconco is the rightful owner of the land.

The 3.89-acre piece of land is part of the 85 acres that the late Paul Katabazi Bitarabeho bought in 1978 from the late Namasole Bagalaayeze Lunkuse, the mother of fallen Buganda King Mwanga.

Bitarabeho’s descendants are said to have sold part of the land to Kiconco, who later evicted some of the tenants from it.

The High court Land division has subsequently ordered the 127 residents who were evicted from the land on Lusanja located on the Mpererwe-Kiteezi Road to immediately vacate it.

The court observed that the residents bought the disputed land from the wrong person and therefore trespassed on Kiconco’s land who is the registered owner having purchased it authentically from Paul Katabazi Bitabareho in 2016.