MP Judith Babirye Reveals US Doctors Found Lethal Poison in Her Body

  • by Brenda Nyangoma
  • September 29, 2019

Buikwe Woman MP Judith Babirye has spoken clarifying on circumstances under she developed a strange sickness warranting her to fly out of Uganda in pursuit of better medical care.

Earlier, reports indicated that ex-wives of her husband had attempted to poison her on several occasions.

The ‘Yesu Beera Nange’ singer has now revealed that her strange illness developed following an accumulated amount of poison in her body.

Babirye who is heavily pregnant, however, does not want to talk much about her state until she fully recovers.

Those close to her have however revealed that Babirye knows very well the person that poison her.

According to the source, Babirye close friend would deliver chicken and roasted meat laced with lethal poison to the female MP. The source says the ‘close friend’ knew Babirye’s best dish!

The poison which was mild in nature would then build up in the singer’s body. But lucky enough, after getting pregnant, the signs of the sickness that arose from the poison was quick to manifest, prompting the singer/politician to seek medical help.

Apparently, US doctors had advised the female legislator to abort so that she could get the full treatment, something Babirye rejected. It was then agreed that she gets enrolled on the kind of medication that neutralizes the poison until she gives birth.

Related case

Babirye’s case is not unique as several other MPs have survived poisoning.

In 2017, the State minister for Primary Health Care, Dr Joyce Moriku Kaducu had to endure weeks on life-support at International Hospital Kampala after alleged food poisoning.

Dr Kaducu who also doubles as the Women Member of Parliament for Moyo District was later airlifted to Nairobi for better treatment.

Although Kaducu cited political rivalry, Babirye’s case could be double-edged as she has had a tumultuous relationship.