Maj Gen Leopold Kyanda Says Those Killing Ugandans Won’t Survive

  • by Emmanuel Nuwamanya
  • September 9, 2019

The Chief of Staff Land Forces Maj Gen Leopold Kyanda has said that the killers of Joshua Nteireho Ruhegyera have for some time been trying to disturb “our peace.”

He, however, said they are joking and they should stop the ill motives for their own good.

“Those who want to joke with the peace should first calculate the years, the President [Yoweri Museveni] has been fighting for it. Know the effort, the focus, and plan, and then you bring the joking. Those joking with peace should stop it for their own good,” he said at the burial of Joshua Nteireho who was gunned down together with a female friend – Merinah Tumukunde Rugyenza.

The two were gunned down last week at Nambigirwa Bridge on Entebbe Expressway.

“We shall fully understand them, know what they are after; they have been killing people, they have been trying to disturb our peace but they are joking. You see [President] Museveni brought peace; he didn’t start yesterday, he sacrificed for a long time.”

Gen Kyanda was on Sunday speaking at Nteyireho’s burial in Kayanga, Kazo District.
Nteireho. He said investigations into the murder are 70 percent done.

Gen Kyanda said the way Nteireho died is disturbing.

“Someone got to him and confused him and became friendly to him. He [Nteireho] appeared to have trusted that person. They went together,” Gen. Kyanda said.

The General did not mention any names but the Police have arrested PC Davis Taremwa as they step up investigations into the double murder.

Preliminary police investigations show that the shooting victims moved with Taremwa whom they called from his duty station at Hidden Treasure in Entebbe to Millennium hotel in Zana for a business transaction with a car dealer identified as Robert Suubi.

Gen Kyanda said that the killers would be deeply investigated to know their associates and what they were after.

He said: “We haven’t got good details but what is obvious is there was no fighting initially but later that enemy looked where it was convenient for him to carry out that act and he killed him.”

Gen Kyanda said that such killers have an inadequate understanding because “you can’t survive when you do such things.”

“And when you do it [killing], you have to know that you have received it [sin] and put it into the family; you have left it with your children and your relatives. We shall know those people and after knowing them, everybody will keep asking who their relatives are,” Gen. Kyanda said.
“So the sin of one person who killed will spread to the friends, the brothers and maybe his wife; it will go to the whole family.”

Gen Kyanda said Nteireho was a hardworking person even when he was working with the Civil Aviation Authority and when he started his private business.

Mr Sedrack Nzeire, President Museveni’s young brother said Nteyireho, who was his nephew and friend was a very ambitious, hardworking and smart guy.

Mr Nzeire said Nteireho was at the time of his death doing money lending business.

Additional reporting by Daily Monitor