Kutesa Leads Ugandan Delegation to Rwanda for Peace Talks

  • by Mark Kalule
  • September 12, 2019

The Ugandan minister of foreign affairs Sam Kutesa will lead the Ad-Hoc Commission team from Uganda next week to Kigali for harmonization of the implementation process of the Angola MoU between Uganda and Rwanda.

According to government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, Uganda’s team will be led by the Sam Kutesa that foreign affairs minister.

“A meeting of the Ad Hoc Commission for the implementation of the MOU will be held in Kigali, Rwanda on Monday, September 16, 2019. Hon. Sam Kutesa, Minister of Foreign Affairs, will lead the Ugandan delegation to that meeting,” Ofwono said in a press statement issued on Thursday.

After months of high-level political dialogue, last month Museveni and Kagame, signed a memorandum of understanding on regional cooperation and security, setting the pace for the improvement of political and trade relations between the two countries.

According to the pact, the two leaders agreed to “respect the sovereignty” of Uganda and Rwanda and other neighboring countries.

The two leaders also agreed to “resume as soon as possible the cross-border activities between both countries, including the movement of persons and goods, for the development and improvement of the lives of their population.”

The agreement between Museveni and Kagame, which was signed yesterday in Luanda, Angola at the second Quadripartite summit, was facilitated by the President of Angola, Joao Manuel Lourenco and Felix Antoine Tshisekedi, the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

There were fears following the MoU signing when both countries blocked each others’ news sites, harmful citing propaganda.

But with the new development, the two countries could resume the old relations of brotherhood.