Kanungu District Boss Rejects Request for Access to Information  

  • by Steven Mwesigye
  • August 23, 2019

The Kanungu District LCV chairperson Canon Josephine Kasya has pushed back against a request by Erisata & Erisata Advocates for information regarding the running of the district activities.

The law firm’s request for information was based on possible abuse of office, conflict of interest which have reportedly caused loss of taxpayers’ money.

However, the district chairperson advised the law firm to advise its client to channel the request through the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the district.

“I am therefore not in position to respond to your request as it is improperly made,” says Kasya in her response.

She also noted that the request contravenes the provisions of the law cited by the lawyers. 


In the recent past, there has been growing public outcry in Kanungu district about the rate at which corruption by the senior local government officials both political and technical are eating up the district on top of embezzlement and misappropriation of funds.

The locals fear that if the central government does not intervene to stop them, officials at the district may even go ahead and auction the district amongst themselves to enrich themselves and their confidants.

Among other things, the district officials are accused of swindling of taxpayers shs700 million meant to renovate Kambuga hospital which is a Kanungu district referral hospital by Kanungu district local government.

It is reported that the tendering process to renovate the hospital was highly irregular because Kanungu district local government awarded the tender to one of its own employees.