Col Nakalema in Kanungu to Investigate Syndicated Corruption

  • by Harriet Kafeero
  • August 28, 2019

The Head of the State House Anti-Corruption Unit Lt Col Nakalema is in Kanungu district where she is on a mission to probe corruption reports against district leaders, politicians, and businessman Garuga Musinguzi.

Recently Kanungu youth based in Kampala have petitioned various government agencies to save Kanungu from Mafias that have been plundering government resources through a racket of syndicate corruption.

Col Nakalema is expected to visit Kambuga Hospital this evening and investigate among other issues; missing procurement documents, and revenue sharing among district leaders.

After a meeting of the heads of department, the district procurement officer, auditor, CAO, Finance officer, DHO, Chairperson LCV – Kasya and the District Engineer Kapendeza have come under the spotlight over their role in the mess in Kanungu.