Setback as only 139 of 900 LDC Students Pass Examinations

The majority of lawyers failed the 2017/2018 Law Development Centre (LDC) exams.

This is after only 139 were successful in their final exams at the centre.

This indicates that approximately 85% of the student did not qualify to work as advocates.

The release of the results last Wednesday was spearheaded by Stella Arach-Amoko, a Supreme Court Judge who is also a management committee member.

However, according to Frank Nigel Othembi, the LDC director, 75% still have an opportunity to do supplementary papers.

“Our history has been that after our students do supplementary papers, they usually pass. I would have been more worried if they had totally failed the course,” said Othembi.

This leaves a provision for them to still emerge successful and the date for sitting for the supplementary exams will be discussed and disclosed this week.