Kyambogo University Graduates its Highest Number on Record

  • by John Kaketo
  • December 12, 2018

Kyambogo University has dispatched its first bunch of graduates today.

This is the first day of the three day phased event of 7304 students that will receive awards in this 14th graduation and it is also the highest number ever recorded.

This time around, students that were an unable to finish financial requirements but meet academic standards will be allowed to graduate. Kyambogo University is the first institution of higher learning to be this considerate.

“This time, we have said students will graduate on the basis of having completed academic requirements. If a student has passed all the prescribed courses, he or she will graduate. There are students who still owe the university money but we are going to give them the chance of graduating and clear their dues later,” said Professor Elly Katunguka, the Vice Chancellor of Kyambogo.

However, the defaulters will only receive their transcripts after clearing with the financial office of the institution.

The males have surpassed the females in number with 4,139 against 3,165.