Kanungu District Vows to Vote President Museveni Come 2021

The people of Kanungu vowed to take to the polls and vote President Museveni in huge numbers in 2021 on Friday.

This is after he launched a road project worth 290 billion shillings that is bound to foster development in the district.

Additionally, they appreciated a water project worth 15 billion shillings and a Youth Fish Farming Project worth 850 million shillings that were extended to the district.

These people turned up in huge numbers to welcome the president after being mobilized by National Resistance Movement (NRM) members that were spearheaded by State Minister for Housing and Member of Parliament Kinkizi East, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi.

The President thanked the people of Kanungu for having voted individuals that have the ideology of NRM at heart and have therefore lobbied for such development to be extended to the district.

The president endorsed Hon. Chris Baryomunsi, Hon. Elizabeth Karungi and Dixon Kagurusi Ampumuza as viable individuals that the people can trust for the development they need.

It is anticipated that the fish project will uplift the livelihood of the youth all over the district and is one of the many projects that have been facilitated by the NRM government in the youth livelihood program.