Bobi Wine’s Performance at ‘Enkuuka’ Doubted as Red Outfits are Banned at the Show

The performance of an artiste turned Member of Parliament, H.E Bobi Wine is being doubted at the annual Buganda festival that marks the end of the year.

Bobi Wine has performed at this festival for the last ten years but the organizers are under pressure form security agencies to put a halt to his appearance let alone performance at the show.

Additionally, they are also being asked not to allow the people coming for the show to dress up in red, a colour which is affiliated Bobi’s people power pressure group.

This all comes after Bobi Wine’s annual Busabala concert was stopped by police in the defense that he did not meet the necessary requirements for him to hold it.

However, the show which has two organizers, Luba Events and Abitex Limited has them harboring two different opinions regarding the caution passed by the Uganda Police.

The director of Luba events, Moses Lubuulwa while addressing journalists at a presser yesterday cautioned revelers against turning up donned in red since in security eyes, it signifies something else.

He added that Bobi Wine will turn up like any other paid artiste and perform but he is expected to desist from politics as the show is the Kabaka’s and not his.

Nonetheless, his co-organizer, Abbey Musinguzi of Abitex Limited urged people to come dressed in any color because no one buys them their clothes.

“It is not in any way wrong to wear any colours. No one will stop you from putting on your colours. Come in red, yellow, green, name any colours,” he added.

He also queried on whether politics was barred from this country.

He final asserted that Bobi Wine is too respectful of the Kabaka to infuse politics at an entertainment event.