Security Siege Reveals MP Ssemujju’s Magnificent Mansion

  • by Gift Nalwoga
  • November 16, 2018

He might be one of the most tough but soft spoken members of parliament but there is something you did not know about the Kira Municipality legislator Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda and that is his love for class which can be shown by his magnificent house in Kirinya, Bweyogere.

The kind of house the youthful MP has built for himself and his family can be compared to Bobi Win’s ‘white house’ in Magere.

Some observers claim Ssemujju’s house is close to former Zaire president Mobutu’s luxurious residence.

The pictures of the house leaked suddenly when security cordoned off the home this morning to prevent an illegal rally that was to be held in a busy Kireka township.

A quick valuation puts the house at over a billion worth. Nobody knows what it looks like inside and whether it is enameled or fitted with dear imported furnishings.

This website will bring more pictures of houses owned by anti-regime bigwigs as they “cry with the ordinary citizen”.