President Museveni Reveals Goal for Uganda Petroleum Institute

The President of Uganda has revealed an intention to transform Uganda Petroleum Institute into a national University.

This comes at a time when there is demand for a university in Hoima as a region.

The President submitted that establishment of such an institution would come in handy to reduce the number of Ugandans that seek education with specialty in gas related courses outside this country. He also added that the institute would also serve neighboring countries.

He also revealed that the government has embarked on equipping the institution to put it at a standard where it can provide authentic awards in terms of modern facilities, expansion and tutors.

Beyond gas related courses, also mechanical and civil engineering will be offered at the Institute.

However, the offering of awards will be gradual as the institution gains momentum as it will start by offering certificates and diplomas before upgrading.

The President anticipates retaining the funds that scholars have been paying into foreign countries to pursue education in this field to be retained by the country.

This region continues to grow following the discovery of the oil and establishment of an institution of higher learning is bound to be one of the benefits that will be added to the list.