Medical Reports Quash Poisoning Claims In Kanungu Woman MP’s Case

  • by Steven Mwesigye
  • November 16, 2018

Medical reports have revealed that the water a parliamentary employee – Donna Kamuli claims used to poison her has tested negative (poison-free).

This comes after the Kanungu district woman MP Elizabeth Karungi was dragged to court for allegedly poisoning the parliamentary receptionist whom she reportedly mistakenly thought had a love affair with her husband.

According to the court documents filed before the High Court civil division, Ms Donna Kamuli accuses the MP through a waitress on September 1, 2018, of administering a poison called deltamethrin and cyprodinil through a packed water bottle labelled “Rwenzori for Café’ Pap’.

However the reports from two doctors from the government analytical laboratory in Wandegeya have indicated that there was no toxic organic compounds found in the suspected bottle of water drunk by Kamuli.