Boat Cruise Survivors to be Questioned During Investigation of the Accident

The Uganda Police is set to question all those that survived the tragic marine accident on Saturday night.

 This comes after over 30 people lost their lives as they headed for K Palm beach from KK Beach.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire, the survivors are very crucial in providing information that will steer the investigation.

He added that it 26 survivors are not being treated as suspects currently.

The boat whose owners both lost their lives is assumed not to have been in good enough condition to sail the waters ad it is to this accord that the accident occurred.

The State Minister of Works and Transport, Mr Aggrey Bagiire submitted that the marine police tried to stop the people who took the boat while at K Palm but they were over powered by the masses of the people.

“Like many survivors, Prince Wasajja could still be in shock. Survivors are trying to recover from an incident that almost claimed their lives. Many lost friends and relatives. We cannot rush to pick statements from them,” said Owoyesigire.

The boat capsized just a few meters before docking at Mutima beach a diversion that was made after evident uncontrollable and catastrophic issues that put lives to risk had been identified.

The deceased have been and continue to be laid to rest in their various ancestral homes.