Prof. George Kanyeihamba Backs Bobi Wine To Lead Uganda’s Next Generation

  • by Mark Kalule
  • October 4, 2018

Retired Supreme Court judge George Wilson Kanyeihamba has said that the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine is a very principled man with a vision.

Prof Kanyeihamba also blasted those saying that Bobi Wine hijacked the slogan People Power from other leaders, saying that Bobi Wine is one of the originators of People Power.

His comments come amid accusations Bobi Wine hijacked the slogan and popularized it before owning it.

“When he was elected in a by-election, I wrote an article welcoming him and saying that I hope he’ll not be a traitor, but lead the young people to Jerusalem.  I’m glad that some of my words caught on. Hon. Kyagulanyi says things openly. If you arrest one person, you create 15 more enemies,” said the retired judge.

He claimed that the NRM has become an enemy to the people adding that: “We have totally become a lawless defiant society, we no longer respect the national ethics we started within 1981, the things for which I left my family to come serve my country have been abandoned.  We have embraced the philosophy of abandoning what we should do and do what we ought not to do,” Prof Kanyeihamba said.

He was appearing on morning breeze, a political and current affairs talk show.