VIDEO: Trade Minister Kyambadde Confronted on Corruption While in Norway

  • by Mary Ociiti
  • September 5, 2018

Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde has been confronted by a Ugandan during a conference in Oslo, Norway.

Kyambadde was Tuesday speaking at an event when Ugandans living in Norway accused her of being corrupt and having multiple jobs.

An unidentified man accused Ms Kyambadde of luring Europeans to invest in Uganda yet Ugandans don’t benefit according to the man.

Kyambadde rubbished the man’s claims saying she is not corrupt and that she has the cleanest record in the government.

“She is very corrupt. These people are just there to lure you Europeans to bring money to Africa but they are the ones getting the money. They are very very rich. She is rich!” The man said.

In response the Minister said: “How could he say that? I am one of the people with the cleanest record.”

Watch full details below: