Ugandan Woman Seeks To Ease Shopping With Online Hardware Shop

  • by Jane Nantale
  • September 7, 2018

Who is Vaolah Amumpaire?

I am a professional and practising marketer who is passionate, resilient and loves to win ~ now turned into a techprenuer with

What is Wena Hardware about?

Wenahardware. com is Uganda’s first online hardware store that seeks to revolutionalise buying of construction materials and everything else used by constructors. It provides industry prices to all those constructing & also enables Ugandans abroad buy all building materials and have them delivered to their construction site. This saves all parties resources (Time & Money).

 Why this idea?

I know of people who work abroad and send money back home to relatives / friends to set up property for them. Unfortunately, people end up getting disappointed when they return and only to find what has always been shared as construction progress was being done on another person’s property. With, such scenarios are eliminated and relationships too are maintained.

 How has the public received this innovation?

It is getting positive reception especially the convenience and great prices offered, but just like any new things, some construction materials manufacturers do not understand it yet. And we still talking with various brands to have their products listed because it is a win-win situation.

What is the future of seeks to have an impact on Africans through affordable cost of construction materials thus reducing costs of housing and improving life in general.