Museveni Asks For Nine Months To Kick Criminals Out Of Kampala Using Technology

  • by Mark Kalule
  • September 16, 2018

President Yoweri Museveni has declared a 9 month period of revamping and upgrading of the capital Kampala, after which he said, the city will be “safe and smart.”

In this period, the president said acquisition and installation of modern policing equipment such CCTV cameras, drones among others will be completed.

“I can assure you that in 9 months, Kampala will a different city. It will be safe, cleaner and smarter,” Museveni told press during yet another national address at State House Entebbe.

Museveni says when one visits cities like London, there is more use of technology compared to reliance on human security.

He said he is annoyed by the killing of innocent Ugandans, adding that having fought criminality with limited means, with advanced technology, this will be history.

Museveni’s statement comes at the climax of insecurity in the country characterized by assassinations. Barely two weeks ago Former Buyende District Police Commander Muhammad Kirumira was gunned down alongside a woman Resty Nalinya from his home area in Bulenga, in Wakiso district.

There has been several other similar killings in the country including the brutal assassination of Ibrahim Abiriga, the Arua Municipality MP and his brother Saidi Kongo, former Police Spokesperson Andrew Felix Kawesi, Prosecutor Joan Kagezi, and different Sheikhs in the country.

The President also reiterated the need to expedite his 10 point security program of installation of cameras, finger printing of guns, use of drones, ensuring no hoodies for motorbike riders, installing tracking devices on motor vehicles and motorbikes among others.