Human Rights Commisiion Narates Conversation With Bobi Wine After Visit

  • by Gift Nalwoga
  • August 17, 2018

The Uganda Human Rights Commission, a statutory body established by the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda with a mandate to protect and promote human rights in the country has released a statement detailing their findings after visiting Bobi Wine in jail.

Part of the statement is reproduced below

Following the recent incidents in which some Members of Parliament, the media and some members of the public were arrested on Monday 13th August 2018 in Arua, the Commission in line with its Constitutional mandate under Article 52 has been able to access all the victims and made the following findings:

  1. Makindye Military Barracks

The Commission has today visited Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu, Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East at Makindye Military Barracks. The team which was led by myself, officials from the Commission, Hon Kyagulanyi’s family including his wife, relatives and friends and his lawyers were able to see the MP and had a discussion with him.

The Commission observed that he had a swollen face, was in pain and required support to walk. It was also observed that he had difficulty in sitting and breathing upon which he informed us that he felt pain in his rib cage and that he was bruised all over the body.

Hon. Kyagulanyi informed the team that he had been severely tortured upon arrest in Arua where uniformed officers broke into his hotel room where in spite of having surrendered, they pounced on him, hit his head with an iron bar, indiscriminately beat and kicked him all over the body until he become unconscious.

The Commission however notes that Hon Kyagulanyi was receiving medical attention while in custody. He was able to recognize his wife and the people around him and could recount some of the events that happened to him upon arrest, save for those that happened during the time he was unconscious.

Hon Kyagulanyi further informed the Commission that he was being treated with dignity both while at Gulu and Makindye and that the military officers at Makindye have been very supportive. At the time of the visit, they were planning to take him for further medical examination.

The Commission also observed that Hon Kyagulanyi has been provided with all the necessary requirements while in custody in accordance with Article 23 of the Constitution.

From the discussions held with the authorities, the Commission was assured of the following:

  • Immediate further medical attention
  • Regular visits by the relatives and lawyers
  1. Rubaga Missionary Hospital

A team from the Uganda Human Rights Commission today visited Rubaga Hospital where Hon. Zaake Francis of Mityana Municipality is currently admitted. The team held discussions with the Executive Director of the Hospital who informed them that Hon. Zaake sustained multiple injuries on the head, arms and legs and is currently on oxygen. That he is in great pain but can talk.  The team learnt from the Executive Director that his family has requested that he be given time to recover before he can start receiving visitors.

For God and My Country

Med S.K Kaggwa