• by Mark Kalule
  • August 14, 2018

CNN has named Kidepo Valley National Park among the 8 top safari destinations in Africa. Besides the incredible animal sighting experience, the park is known for its breath taking scenery.

“With the sweeping plains of Kidepo and Narus Valleys over shadowed by the brooding mountain scape of Mount Murongole (the scared peak of the mysterious Ik people,) this park has huge appeal just for the scenery alone. It might be the most beautiful park in all Africa,” said Mark Eveleigh of CCN said in a report that seeks to guide tourists intending to visit Africa.

A side from Kidepo, CNN also ranked other national parks in Uganda as being well-endowed with beautiful and unique attractions.

Among the unique sites include the world’s most powerful waterfall, Murchison falls national park.

CNN also named Uganda the best destination on the planet for Ape watching. “For old hands, even those who’ve seen everything else that Africa has to offer, Uganda is perhaps the best destination on the planet for ape watching. Gorilla viewing at Bwindi Impenetrable National park is a life-changing experience and chimpanzees can be tracked on foot at Kaniyo Pabidi,” Mark noted.

“If the journey to Kidepo is not appealing, Murchison Falls National Park is hard to beat for the sheer drama of the falls themselves and for the easy wildlife viewing from cruise boats,” Mark further writes.

He describes further, the experience in Kidepo:

“The voracious Kidepo lions prey on roving herds of more than 4,000 buffalo (the total population in the park is said to be about 13,000) and you will often see herds of elephants moving majestically along the valleys. The park’s isolation is off-putting for many, but the 12-hour road trip from Kampala, Uganda’s capital, (or a fairly expensive private charter flight) is a small price to pay to discover one of Africa’s genuine hidden gems.”