Bobi Wine’s Brother Nyazi Dismisses Police, Museveni Accounts of Arua Events

  • by Dennis Ola
  • August 15, 2018

Fred Nyanzi (C) with Barbie Kyagulanyi and Eddie Yaawe speak to the media today

The family of Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has disputed the official account of events told by authorities about the fracas in Arua municiaplaity on Monday evening.

The fracas that resulted in the death of Yasin Kawuma, one of Kyagulanyi’s drivers started at 4pm when a grader tried to intercept President Museveni’s motorcade.

Yesterday, police spokesperson, Emilian Kayima said people dressed in Wadri’s campaign T-shirts began pelting the presidents convoy with stones forcing security to open fire.

“At around 6:30 [yesterday] evening, the president’s motorcade was attacked by hooligans at Prison Cell in Arua municipality as the president left Boma grounds where he had held the last rally for his candidate,” Kayima said.

Kayima added: “one of the president’s lead cars was attacked and smashed by the hooligans donning T-shirts of Mr Kasiano Wadri. Security force quickly intervened to calm down the situation but the situation became riotous as many were throwing stones at the convoy of the president, which is unacceptable. Unfortunately in the scuffle one person was fatally injured.”

This morning, President Museveni also issued a statement saying Kassiano Wadri and Bobi Wine led their rowdy supporters in stoning his motorcade.

However, Bobi Wine’s brother, Fred Nyanzi, who says he was in Arua and was among those arrested and detained says the official account of the events was inaccurate.

He described the account by the Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima as “false” and that of the president as “partially incorrect.”

Nyanzi says over the last couple of days before the clashes, he was in Arua and he was traveling in the very vehicle, – a Tundra, in which the late Kawuma was killed.

But on Monday, he says he decided to use another vehicle a Toyota Land Cruiser which also belongs to his brother Bobi Wine.

Nyanzi who addressed a press conference alongside Barbie Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine’s wife) and other family members  said at the time Kawuma was shot, he was seated in the parked Tundra at a hotel, a couple of Kilometres away from the rally venue.

Nyanzi says he, together with candidate Kassiano, the arrested journalists and MPs were at this very hotel, having marched peacefully with supporters from their rally.

“We arrived with supporters from the rally at Wadri’s office, and he bid us farewell and told us to go start preparing for the election. We left and went to the hotel where all vehicles parked, including the Tundra,” he said.

“At this time, the late Kawuma was sitting in the seat (passenger seat) in the Tundra. Sometimes Bobi Wine sits in the same spot. The driver of this car is called Njuba.”

At the Hotel, Nyanzi says Wadri and his team ordered for tea while he ordered for a soda.

Moments later Nyanzi, according to his account walked  out to call the Tundra to take him to his hotel.

However, as he moved out, Wadri called him and they had a little chat and this is when they started hearing gunshots before they learnt of Kuwuma’s shooting.

He adds that  there was teargas all over the place, the entire hotel was in a mess, something that prompted them to start hiding.

He says he was at this time with Mike Mabikke, Sam Lubega and others.