AIESEC: 70 Years of Developing Young People

  • by Emmanuel Nuwamanya
  • August 23, 2018

2018 is a key milestone for AIESEC as they continue a legacy spanning 70 years of developing youth leadership.

With the theme Leaders for Peace, the organization acknowledges their humble beginnings and the contributions of previous generations to the global community while presently striving to develop every young person in the world towards a movement of peace.

Annual Stakeholder’s Dinner is the annual event organized by AIESEC in Uganda to bring together all the main stakeholders of the organization to showcase the year’s performance.

During this event AIESEC leader’s, student representatives, corporates and alumni get an opportunity to network and join hands in rewarding performance of individuals and companies/ organizations which have contributed to the success of the year.

As our leadership turnover is annual, this also gives us an opportunity to introduce the new leadership to the organization as well as give a summary of the organizational achievements for the previous year.

The 17-18 term is also the celebration of 24 years since AIESEC in Uganda was established, so the Annual Stakeholder’s Dinner 2018 will be the culmination of our anniversary celebrations.

The event will take place on the 24th August 2018 at Imperial Royale Hotel. This event gives members an opportunity to showcase the impact they have had as an organization throughout the year as well as launch how they are going to upscale this impact in the coming year.

This year the organization looks forward to having 150 people attending the dinner from all spheres of life.


AIESEC is the world’s largest student run organization built to impact the world through leadership development experiences.

In Uganda, AIESEC seeks to reverse the current unemployment rate in Uganda by offering students’ and recent graduates opportunities to develop their skills and prepare them for the working environment.

AIESEC has been in existence in Uganda for the past 23 years and currently present in NINE (9) universities in Uganda.

Considering the fact that Uganda is a fast growing country with more than 40 institutes of higher learning, the potential to expand the organization reach is very high. Doing this will help increase the impact engaging and developing more young people by providing them with life changing experiences through team based and exchange programs.