EXCLUSIVE: Youthful City Tycoon Ham Kiggundu Reveals reason behind authoring Book about Money and success

  • by Mark Kalule
  • July 21, 2018

You could have seen it making rounds on social media and yes, “Success and Failure – Based on Reason and reality” is not made up. Hamis Kiggundu has authored the book although he will tell you that he never had any plans of ever writing a book.
However, everything, like the old adage goes, happens for a reason. Ham Kiggundu, the youthful billionaire was also prompted to write the book by those around him and what he sees in society.
This website visited the 34 year old at his down town office and he revealed to it that he was tired of answering the question on how he has managed to accumulate the wealth he has at such a tender age. The Makerere University Law graduate says he decided to write down his opinions and experiences in a 154 page book.

“Many friends have approached me several times and asked me how I managed to get where I am today,” says Kiggundu as he shows this reporter a pile of paper on to which he scribbled the contents of the book before it was printed.
The Ugandan born businessman who also runs a chain of businesses in the UK, US and South Africa says he wrote the book in only six days without making any research.
“I handwrote this book in just six days because it is my intention to pass on my unbiased personal opinion to the readers,” says Ham, adding that he doesn’t intend to make in money by selling the book.
He says he will donate the book to public universities, the Parliament and that should any copy be sold, the money will be given out to charity.
The book which is set to be launched on Monday (July 23), covers a range of topics including money and the rich, wealth, greed, poverty, failure among others.