Zari takes charge of Semwanga’s estate  after family meeting

  • by Gift Nalwoga
  • June 5, 2017


Ivan Semwanga’s ex-wife, Zari Hassan has been charged with supervising the smooth running of Semwanga’s schools in South Africa.

Zari was particularly tasked with supervising the proper running of Semwanga’s schools that include Brooklyn College in South Africa.

This was determined by a family meeting at Ivan Semwanga’s home in Muyenga. The meeting was attended by family members and friends including Kampala businessman Geoffrey Kirumira who is also the Kwagalana Group chairman.

Kirumira encouraged the family to keep together as a unit.

The meeting picked a committee of four members has including Zari, Ritah Semwanga (Ivan’s sister), Lawrence Muyanja a.k.a. King Lawrence) and George Semwanga Pinto (van’s elder brother).

The meeting was also attended by a one Joseph Bbosa.

The committee will manage Ivan’s property until his orphaned children turn 18 years before they are handed custody of their father’s property.

Zari to leave Diamond Platinum house

Sources who attended the meeting told this reporter that Zari has to leave her Tanzanian husband to go and live in one of Ivan’s two houses either in Sandton or the one in Pretoria with the orphans.

Zari will then rent out the other house to ensure that money to cater for Ivan’s children is available.