Prof Mukiibi’s family overwhelmed by unknown orphans and widows

  • by Brenda Nyangoma
  • June 4, 2017
It is public knowledge now that Prof Lawrence Mukiibi of the St Lawrence schools and colleges touched lives in Uganda and beyond by availing them with education institutions.
The educationist did not touch those lives by ensuring their education in his schools, colleges and university but also those he paid schools fees for.
The above is not contested, however, the controversial issue is on the children that Prof Mukiibi had with the many women he had in his life.
The number of women claiming to have Prof Mukiibi’s children seems to be growing each passing day following his burial on Friday. But even then, what was witnessed at the burial is that Prof Mukiibi was sexually active up to the last hour.
This is evidenced by the young children who appeared to be of the same age that were traditionally dressed as Prof Mukiibi’s orphans at his burial.
That is however not enough to make the point. There are other children that will be born after their father, Prof Mukiibi’s death.
Due to the overwhelming number of widows, none of them was given a chance to speaking at Prof Mukiibi’s burial since it would have caused discomfort among those who wouldn’t have spoken.
Another observation is that at least all the widows that had Prof Mukiibi’s little ones were young ladies estimated to be in their early and late 20s.
Prof Mukiibi is believed to have hooked the beautiful and elegant looking ladies while they studied at his schools, colleges and university. He is also believed to have lured the hot ladies with school fees and tuition incentives on top of assured welfare of their children they would bear with the professor.
Although none of the alleged orphans and widows was stopped from burying Prof Mukiibi, the family is considering conducting DNA tests to ascertain whether all the children are Prof Mukiibi’s own.
Working with senior members of the family, Prof Mukiibi’s confidant, Dr Sarah Nkonge and others are involved in meetings with family lawyers to review his will and also decide on which children should be taken for DNA tests before they can be accepted into the family of Prof Mukiibi.
It is estimated that Prof Mukiibi has left behind over 50 children out of at least 32 women.
For now, we will wait for the resolution from the meetings between family lawyers, confidants of the late Prof Mukiibi and senior members of the family.