Prof Mukiibi’s family confirms over 50 children as others are dismissed 

  • by John Kaketo
  • June 6, 2017
At least 53 children who were taken to Prof Lawrence Mukiibi’s home following his death have been confirmed following  DNA tests while those whose DNA did not match with the family’s were dismissed although the family did not disclose the number of those chased away.
Sources close to Prof Mukiibis family say that up to 53 children were found to be Prof Mukiibi’s own while other women were trying to take advantage of the short relationship they had with the educationist to get a share of Mukiibi’s wealth.
Prof Mukiibi who died aged 69 is the proprietor of St Lawrence schools and colleges including St Lawrence University.
Following his death, scores of women thronged his home in Kitemu with children whom they claimed were fathered by the man who was willing to produce with every beautiful woman that studied or worked at his institutions.
Although Prof Mukiibi’s older children knew about their father’s other children, they were overwhelmed as the numbers shot up to 100 during the burial of a man who demanded an all-white funeral.
His older children, lawyers and confidants decided to perform DNA tests to confirm the children they were not sure of. This process is not yet concluded as some 20 women are said to be pregnant with Prof Mukiibi’s babies.
For some people, it was surprising but those who studied in his schools were aware of Prof Mukiibi’s sex life as a man who never let a dress cross his path without saying a word.