National Drug Authority pins Health Care Pharmacy for importing harmful medicine

  • by Dixon Kagurusi
  • June 13, 2017

The National Drug Authority has issued a warning to all Ugandans against consuming a particular type of drug which has been found to be counterfeit and harmful.

The drug that Ugandans have been warned about is Postinor2 which is currently circulating on the market having been imported by healthcare pharmacy

The letter signed by Ms Donna Kusemererwa, the secretary to the authority, outlines features of the counterfeit Postinor2 compared to the genuine drug that should be used by those who need it.

The counterfeit drug which has been sighted in various drug stores in the country has many similar features but the NDA was able to identify the differences.

“Please note that there are genuine versions of Postinor2 on the market bearing the same batch numbers, manufacturing and expiring dates, which was legally imported by Healthcare Pharmacy,” the letter from NDA reads.

NDA now warns all pharmacies to exercise caution and vigilance while handling medicines and to report any illegal suppliers of medicine to NDA offices.

According to NDA, pharmacies which have the suspected counterfeit product are advised to hand over the products to NDA or face the law if they don’t.

“Any drug outlet found in possession of the counterfeit Postinor2 is liable to prosecution,” concludes the statement.

Some of the distinguishing features between the counterfeit and genuine Postinor2 drugs include

Drugs disguised as cosmetics

Meanwhile, the National Drug Authority informs the public that some harmful drugs are being disguised as cosmetics, and can be harmful to your health.

The NDA says that the drugs are supposed to be prescribed by qualified medical personnel whereas they are sold on the open market by hawkers.