Museveni to visit former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s hunger-stricken Kanungu district

  • by Dixon Kagurusi
  • June 26, 2017

Following the recent visit by security minister Gen Henry Tumukunde to Kanungu district to assess the hunger situation, president Museveni has decided to make a quick visit to the area himself.

Kanungu district is home to former Presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi who was also prime minister and Member of Parliament in one of the counties.

The Ugandan news site has exclusively learnt that President Museveni will visit the areas in the western part of Kanungu district including Kameme, Kihihi, Kibimbiri, Nyanga among other areas on Wednesday June 28th at an hour that is still anonymous.

Insiders say, the president’s decision was prompted by a recent video that went viral of a woman who gave in to sex to be given pawpaws that she cooked for her children.

Several other videos narrating the situation have as well gone viral with many men running away from their homes to avoid being asked to buy food.

Gen Tumukunde’s visit was followed his recommendations that sought for immediate delivery of food items which was done through the Office of the Prime Minister.

Several organizations, individuals and well-wishers have in the past few weeks stepped in to save the situation.

It is anticipated that President Museveni’s visit will bring a smile to many people from the hunger stricken areas by ordering for the supply of more relief food items

It is also said that First Lady and Minister of Education Janet Museveni briefed the president about the situation facing the people of Kanungu. The First Lady was in neighboring Rukungiri district at the weekend.