MP Kato Lubwama receives a medal from Museveni for his contribution to comedy industry

  • by Jane Nantale
  • June 9, 2017

Lubaga South Member of Parliament is one of those that have been recognized at Thursday’s Heroes’ celebrations in Zirobwe sub-country in Luwero district.

The former comedian was not recognized for his short term in parliament, but his long time career in acting and comedy.

Kato Lubwama who faced scare following attempts by his rivals to kick him out of parliament is now enjoying calm following support from Makerere University where he studied a diploma in music dance and drama on an adult entry program.

Apart from comedy and acting, Lubwama is also a musician and one of his known songs is Abantu Bazibu, a Luganda expression for people are not easy.

Other artists who were awarded with horoes dy medals include Sam Bagenda commonly known as Dr Bbosa, Fred Sebata, Abbey Mukiibi, the late Elly Wamala and Paul Kafeero.

Other Ugandans from the security forces such as the police and the army were also given national medals.

At least 370 people were awarded the national medals.