Martyrs Day Celebrations: AIGP Felix Kaweesi’s absence felt by Namugongo Residents as all road junctions are closed by Police

  • by Emmanuel Nuwamanya
  • June 1, 2017


When he was gunned down two months ago, there were mixed feelings drawn from the public. Some were unbothered while others were so much hurt by the demise of a promising leader of his time.
But AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi was a man that had many admirers both as a successful young man but most importantly, a man who understood his policing job very well.
One of the events he is remembered for was last year’s martyr’s Day Celebrations in Namugongo and the Pope Francis’ visit to the same place.
AIGP Kaweesi was directly charged with ensuring order in terms of the smooth flow of traffic around the area before, during and after the event which is always well attended together with the visit of the Pope that attracted an equally significant number.
However two days to the much anticipated annual event, there seems to be chaos and residents of Namugongo wish that Kaweesi could return only for one week to oversee order as thousands throng Namugongo.
This follows police’s decision to block roads at all junctions with no access alternatives for residents of Namugongo and surrounding areas.
“Honestly why would police block roads at junctions with no access alternatives for us residents in Namugongo and surrounding areas, when the Pope was here the security carefully diverted vehicles and all roads were cut at points only where an alternative access road was available,” Boaz Muzoora, a resident of Namugongo posted on his Facebook timeline.
The irked gentleman added that those currently handling the situation currently are not prepared and lack organizational skills.
“But for these ill-trained, illiterate militias just block the road with no alternative access. By tomorrow these illiterates can close the road 50 kms either side of Namugongo as if all residents have shifted from their homes or under house arrest. Eishii,” Muzoora posted noting that AIGP Kaweesi is missed.