Kinkizi West MP Kaberuka James Rugi escapes panga wielding brother over Relief food

  • by Steven Mwesigye
  • June 4, 2017
The Member of Parliament for Kinkizi West James Kaberuka is a lucky man to be breathing today.
Kaberuka is lucky because he narrowly escaped from his brother who had vowed to cut his throat using a sharp panga.
According to eye witnesses, the MP was forced to hide in the bush following threats from his brother who accuses his brother of failing to look after the family.
This happened at their home in Rukarara cell in Kihihi and had it not been the rapid response of the police, the story would have been different.
The police arrived just after 40 minutes arrested Kaberuka’s brother and detained him at Kihihi police station before opening a file for further investigations.
Trouble started when MP Kaberuka stopped his family members from getting government relief that was distributed in the area.
Kaberuka had promised to provide food to the family telling the family not to embarrass him by lining up with poor people to pick relief food.
However, the Kinkizi West legislator didn’t fulfill the promise to deliver food to his family something that angered his brother.
Subsequently, the MP’s brother confronted him demanding to know why he had stopped the family from getting the relief food yet he never supported his family as he had pledged.
The MP’s brother was briefly held by police before he was released. He is now hiding in Kampala allegedly crying for help.
Scandalous man
 Before he became an MP, Kaberuka who was a teacher is said to have beaten a student of Nyakinoni to death.
In 2014, Hon Kaberuka fought with his sister identified as Kincoco the wife to the prominent businessman Hajji Suleiman Kawere and was hospitalized.
The matter was settled with Hon Kaberuka pledging to pay Shs5million although he is said to have paid only Shs3million.