King Lawrence sneaks into the country claims Ivan Semwanga’s Muyenga house, says he was richer

  • by Gift Nalwoga
  • June 3, 2017
Before his death, Ivan Semwanga was seen with King Lawrence more than any other person.
The two rich Gang members who happen to be cousins were so close that people wondered what relationship they had.
Despite their biological relations, people said that they co-owned some businesses. This will, however, be a story for another day.
The latest we have heard is that King Lawrence has said that  although his cousin; the late Semwanga was always the face of whatever he was involved in, King Lawrence has his riches and one of them includes the huge house in Muyenga where a night vigil was held after Ivan’s body was returned from South Africa.
King Lawrence who skipped Ivan’s burial told a local television journalist that the Muyenga house was not Ivan’s as people were made to believe.
King Lawrence sneaked into the country and is currently in the Muyenga house.
He told the journalist that people failed to understand that Rich gang parties were not only organised by Ivan.
“You see, when someone is physically bigger than others in a group, people think that person is the richest,” said King Lawrence insinuating that some members of the Rich Gang were richer than Ivan.
He dismissed claims that Ivan has been taking care of them, adding that he owns his own businesses that deal in commodity trading and real estate management.
King Lawrence also talked about Ivan’s other woman Ddudu that he had been staying with at the time of his death.
King Lawrence said that that woman comes from an understanding family and doesn’t want to be involved in any drama.
He also said that he did not attend Ivan’s burial in Kayunga because he over slept and airport officials stopped him from checking in.