Kanungu people petition president Museveni over five months’ electricity blackout 

  • by Dixon Kagurusi
  • June 9, 2017
 The people of Kanungu district are not ready to settle until their electricity concerns are settled.
 Following running battles between hundreds of business owners and concerned citizens from Kanungu with police
on Thursday, a group of concerned citizens from Kanungu have petitioned President Museveni to find a solution.
According to the petition, Kanungu district has not had electricity for about five months, something that has stifled economic activities in the district.
The petitioners say that most youth who have borrowed money are stuck with it since they cannot run projects such as salons and other ventures that require electricity.
The concerned citizens now want the president who commissioned the electricity in the district in 2007 to intervene so that business operations can return to normal.
Below is the full petition
                                                                                                                CONCERNED CITIZINS
                                                                                                                07888965504, 0702678416
                          RE: KANUNGU ELECTRICITY PROBLEMS.
Your excellence the president of the republic of Uganda, we the citizens of kanungu greet you with love and peace and we thank God for protecting you always. And for your great leadership you have offered this country.
First and foremost we wish to thank you so much for giving our district electricity which yourself commissioned in 2007. Your excellence we write to u with broken hearts because we have had power shortage in the district for over 5 months.
Your excellence in the above months we have faced many problems that we wish and request your office to look into if indeed our social lives and economic growth is going to take place. We wish to mention the problems here;
Here all get livelihood through business and farming but at the moment factories have closed down like coffee and tea factories due to high rates of fuel for generators which would have been easier with electricity. This has led to high levels of unemployment and thus increased the crime rate.
Your excellence most of the youth here who received funds under youth live hood are now stuck, because the businesses they started like salons have closed down and even those who started welding and metal fabrication have also closed down yet they even pay rent, and we pay monthly service fee to the electricity body (UEDCL) and above that we pay 18% VAT. We have never at any one refused to pay this money but even after paying power is off and this has indeed put our lives in danger yet it’s in times of huger in the district. Even radio stations are yet to close down and this will affect communication in the district
Your excellence all sectors in the district have broken down, schools can no longer have preps for students and some are already increasing fees to cater for fuel for the generator and your Excellency this is becoming a burden to parents that have always supported this government. The health sector is also doing badly due to the fact that they can no longer even do simple surgery and a case in point is a woman who died giving birth.
Your excellence we have many of our youth engaged in boda boda business but they can hardly get even electricity to fix the motorcycles when the breakdown and this become worse even most of these motor cycles have been acquired on loan.
Your excellence we as citizens would like to request your office to step up a commission of inquiry into the management of kanungu electricity
We would also like to thank you for the ishasha dam but your excellence we request that as a district since this dam is in our area we be connected and we can have enough power supply.
We hope and pray for a positive reply to our grievances as soon as possible.
C.C Speaker of Parliament
C.C Minister of energy
C.C MPs kanungu district
C.C District chairperson
C.C Manager UEDCL
C.C District councilors
C.C Kanungu district citizens