Winnie Byanyima thanks Museveni as Besigye and Chief Justice Katureebe show closeness

  • by Dixon Kagurusi
  • May 21, 2017


Four time presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has had a hearty conversation with the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe at the home of Mzee Byanyima in Ruti in Mbarara.

The two sat in privately and had a candid conversation which only the two can reveal.

The expression on the faces of both Dr Besigye and Chief Justice Katureebe clearly indicate they weren’t talking about the late Mzee Byanyima.

What we are sure of is that President Museveni won’t smile at the pictures.

Meanwhile, Eng. Winnie Byanyima, one of the eldest children of the late delivered an emotional farewell to his father yesterday at Namirembe cathedral where a requiem Mass for Mzee Byanyima was held.

Eng Byanyima, wife to Dr Besigye said that her father was a man with great parenting skills which she can only wish for.

“Our father had great parenting skills which I don’t have and I always wanted to learn from him. He would stay home with his children and wife, he would play the guitar and would sing along,” said Eng. Byanyima.

Eng Byanyima also narrated how his father saved his roommate at campus who had returned from a drinking joint late in the night.

“Because my father was always sober and never went out to have a drink or do politics, his roommate returned late and after diving into his bed, my father smelt petrol which had been poured all over his roommate, he quickly woke him up because the next thing was to set fire on his roommate and that is how he save his life,” said Eng. Byanyima.

Winnie Byanyima thanks NRM government

Eng Byanyima also thanked the NRM government for according her father a Stete funeral, saying it was in recognition of her father’s contribution to democracy and fighting for the excluded members of society.

Ms Byanyima also thanked the Democratic Party President General Norbert Mao for his effort to secure the State Funeral for Mzee Byanyima.