Two MPs kicked out of parliament over bribery

  • by Dixon Kagurusi
  • May 26, 2017

The Court of Appeal in Kampala has kicked out two independent MPs representing Persons with Disabilities from northern and western regions from the August House over bribery.

The court ordered fresh elections in their respective constituencies, saying that the two, Mr William Wilson Nokrach for northern region and his western region colleague, Mr Hood Katuramu, participated in bribery of voters during the 2016 parliamentary elections.

According to records from the electoral commission, the number of MPs who have been thrown out of the tenth parliament has soared to six.


Led by Justice Remmy Kasule, the court ruled that “We have scrutinized the record, evidence, submissions and judgment of the High Court. Our findings are that had the learned trial judge properly scrutinised the evidence before him, he would have probably arrived at different conclusions. This however was not the case.”

The judgment was read by assistant registrar of the court Mr Didas Muhumuza  on behalf of the justices of the Court of Appeal.

 The findings

The Court of Appeal found that all the testimonies of all the witnesses were collaborated, stating that the candidates dished out money and gifts to voters.

Court also noted that the 2nd respondent (Mr Nokrach) offered money to voters through mobile phone transfers with the intention of influencing them to vote for him.

The court also faulted the trial judge Albert Rugadya Atwoki that he erred in law, particularly when he found that the Mr Norkrach possessed academic qualifications to stand as a MP whereas not.