Sister reveals Ivan Semwanga’s daughter at his burial 

  • by Gift Nalwoga
  • May 30, 2017
It has always been said that when a person dies, information about their children and property gets to be known.
As such, Ivan Semwanga’s sister has disclosed to mourners at Ivan Semwanga’s burial that the tycoon had a daughter called Ndibasa.
Ivan became Winnie Ndibasa’s father following the death of his brother who was mistakenly killed at Ivan’s home in South Africa.
The assailants wanted to kill Ivan but killed Ndibasa’s father.
Ivan is said to have looked at his brother’s killing as a sacrifice made to save his life.
Semwanga then took on his brother’s daughter.
Close friends say that Ivan loved the girl as if she was his own biological child.
Meanwhile local leaders have urged the people of Kayunga where Ivan was buried not eat his body.
According to local leadership there are some elements of canibalism in the area.