NTV and Daily Monitor merge as Daniel Kalinaki returns to manage them

  • by Emmanuel Nuwamanya
  • May 31, 2017
The long-standing rumor in the media fraternity has probably been the merger of Daily Monitor and NTV.
Another rumor that has persisted is the return of Daniel Kalinaki to Daily Monitor where he started his journalism practice in the late 1990s.
What we know now is that the two rumors are coming to an end following a return of Kalinaki.
In fact, the self-styled journalist returns to oversee the merger of Daily Monitor and NTV.
This means that Daniel Kalinaki takes the responsibility of the two managing directors; Aggie Asiimwe Konde (NTV)and Tony Glencross.
The staff at both NTV and Daily Monitor were already aware that the merger would happen, it was a matter of time.
Another mystery was about who would manage the two media houses.
This morning, Tom Mshindi the Nation Media Group Editor in Chief announced that Kalinaki would take charge.
In addition, to ensure the merger of the two sister media houses, Kalinaki will be charged with championing the digital first strategy which the NMG is implementing across the group media houses.
Recently the group including Daily Monitor has gone through various changes.
The changes have seen several people lose their jobs while others have been given bigger roles.