Museveni praises Anywar as president calls police a bunch of thieves

  • by Dixon Kagurusi
  • May 28, 2017

President Museveni has accused the Uganda Police Force being corrupt and as a result promoting crime in the country.

Museveni who was chief guest at Beatrice Anywar’s thanksgiving ceremony said most police officers are corrupt.

Museveni said that despite government efforts to recruit educate policemen and wome, most of them are a bunch of thieves.

“All these children [officers] in the police are educated now but quite a number of them are corrupt,” said the president.

Just in March while at the Late Andrew Felix Kaweesi’s home, the President made related remarks, saying that the police is infiltrated by criminals before he told Gen Kayihura to clean up his house.

Museveni was reacting to police’s failure to investigate crimes especially the killings of prominent people.

Museveni praises Anywar

Mr Museveni who graced Anywar’s function said that Anywar is a transformed leader with a good attitude towards government.

“Beatrice Anywar’s attitude has changed positively. But even if she was bad as she was in the past, I was still going to come to praise the Lord for saving her life from three road accidents,” Museveni said.

Anywar’s function to thank God for surviving road accidents was held at Boma Grounds in Kitgum Town.

Anywar thanked God for protecting her despite rumours from people who kept announcing on social media that she had died.