Kole residents steal mangoes at night to escape hunger

  • by Dixon Kagurusi
  • May 22, 2017

The hunger that has recently been report in some parts of eastern and western Uganda seems to have stretched its arm to the northern parts of the country.

Reports indicate that fruit farmers at Ayer Sub-county in Kole District have resorted to using dogs to scare away thieves from stealing their mangoes which are stolen by hungry residents.

According to our reporter based in Kole district, local leaders say that the biting famine in the area has rendered locals helpless and the only option is to grab whatever they can land their hands on.

Mr Jimmy Ayo, the Ayer a local councilor representing Abur parish told our reporter that theft of mangoes, and other fruits has stopped farmers from enjoying their sleep but instead sleep outside with their dogs to deal with the thieves.

“People are always armed with spears and they move along with their dogs to help them guard their mango fruits,” he said.