Why Ivan Semwanga’s trusted cousin King Lawrence shunned burial 

  • by Dennis Ola
  • May 31, 2017
Ivan Semwanga’s illness,death, and burial have surely dominated human interest news over the last three weeks.
Following Ivan Semwanga’s abrupt illness, there was disbelief that the Rich Gang boss couldn’t have slipped into a coma.
But this was to be true as the mother of his three children rushed to South Africa to attend to him.
This was followed by a clash between Zari Hussein and King Lawrence who accused Zari of plotting to steal Ivan’s property.
By the way, it has been reported in the past that Lawrence and Zari slept in one bed after the light skinned socialite broke up with Ivan.
A lot has already been said about Ivan’s burial including warnings not to eat Ivan’s body and Ivan’s family hiring police to protect the money that was splashed on the grave but also the cannibalism in Kayunga which has caused worry that Ivan’s body could be some people’s lunch meal.
Leaving that aside, King Lawrence’s absence at Ivan’s burial was too loud and we won’t ignore it.
Some claim that Ivan’s cousin and a member of the Rich Gang clashed with Zari, something that could have stopped King Lawrence from burying his boss and relative.
However one of the members of the Rich Gang claims that King Lawrence stayed in South Africa to ensure that Ivan’s property remains intact.
According to the member, everyone was looking at loopholes to snatch something from Ivan’s numerous property including the South African based schools.
King Lawrence who is rumored to have been Ivan’s business partner allegedly stayed in South Africa not because there was any bad blood with anyone but out of the love for Ivan’s children who King Lawrence argued would be at risk if he had abandoned the property to come for burial.
This website has not been able to verify the truth in the above account since Ivan’s property especially schools had well-established systems and structures.
We will nevertheless continue digging into this story to find believable information regarding why King Lawrence stayed in SA as Semwanga was buried.