Enforcement officers survive lynching over attempted forceful eviction

  • by Dixon Kagurusi
  • May 20, 2017


Six enforcement agents have been severely beaten and left for dead after communities in Soroti woke up on Saturday morning to find demolished houses.

The six who are believed to have demolished houses in an attempt to evict some people from a certain pice of land in Aputon village in Soroti   sustained life threatening wounds on their heads and other body parts.

This happened in the wee hours of Saturday morning at around 2am as the enforcement agents demolished over 15 houses including semi-permanent and grass thatched houses

Soroti University claims to own the land although communities in Aputon insist they are the rightful owners.

Two of the injured are in critical condition and are currently receiving treatment at Soroti Regional Referral Hospital where police rushed them.

According to locals familiar with the matter, the injured persons are enforcement agents based in Mbale town but were hired by Soroti University   to evict members of the APuton so that the university can conduct development projects.

Police speaks out

Despite the actions of the enforcement agents, police in Soroti say they were not aware of their activities adding that they shall investigate the actions and respond appropriately.

Police has so far identified four of the suspects as Juma Magombi, Issa Mataki, Bugona Missi and Jonathan Mutabala all residents of Mbale.

Two of the injured enforcement officers couldn’t be readily identified as their life were still in danger and therefore they couldn’t explain themselves.