“Ugandans are lazy”, Museveni Mocks Critics at his Bottle-Irrigated Farm

  • by Ignatius Liposhe
  • March 29, 2017
President Museveni at his farm

President Yoweri Museveni once again swapped the presidential motorcade for a bicycle as he returned his Kawumu Presidential Farm in Makulubita, Luweero.
The presidential motorcade has, at least temporarily, been replaced by a bicycle, which he was using to move around with a group of journalists in tow around farm to see what progress was made with the drip irrigation.
Museveni who placed emphasis on mulching in his media speech blasted Ugandans for the laziness which he said has stopped them from appreciating and using nature appropriately and called “It unacceptable to be poor while having this land”.
He criticized some Ugandans for engaging in petty talk instead of appreciating God for the different weather conditions.
Museveni also said the current drought in the country is good because it helps ripen people but many people just curse it. “Instead they are always busy with things like when is Museveni going,” he said.
According to a spokesperson said since the last farm trip in October 2016, the president has already been showing locals how to plant bananas and coffee, using plastic bottles to irrigate the land.

President Museveni gathering grass

President Museveni taking a walk in the farmHelping with chores at the farm

President Museveni riding a bicycle to the Presidential Farm