Mukula Accused of using Army to grab Island on Lake Kyoga

  • by Ignatius Liposhe
  • March 26, 2017
Mr. Mike Mukula

The National Resistance Movement vice chairperson for eastern region Mr Mike Mukula may not be new to controversy but at least he has been out of it for some time.

The latest he is involved in is a 2km island on Lake Kyoga in Eastern Uganda.

According to one of the claimants of the island,Mr Kokas Kedi who petitioned the office of the Serere Resident District Commissioner (RDC), his parents have owned the island for 30 years.

Mr Kedi accuses Mukula of using his prominence and the army to snatch the island.

Meanwhile, the Ugandan has learnt that despite Mr Edward Onya Akonopesa, the Serere RDC’s repeated summons against Mr Mukula, the NRM leader has on several occasions snubbed the RDC.

The RDC, who is the representative of the president and the head of security in the district, wanted Mr Mukula to explain to the people and the district officials how he acquired the island.

The RDC has even vowed to go the lands ministry to ascertain the authenticity of Mr Mukula’s ownership if he refuses to explain.

He said that although some individuals are claiming the Island, it was initially a property of Teso local government before it became Serere District.

According to residents familiar with te development, heavy deployment has been sighted around the island, raising suspicion that Mr Mukula wants to take the Namulemuka Island by force.

It is said that people can’t even be allowed to get close to the island. The island which is used by fishers on the lake has become a no-go-area since those who attempt to use it are harassed away.

Mukula fires back

However, Mr Mukula has responded furiously to allegations against him saying the RDC and team should stop using sinister moves to undermine his ownership of the island.

“I bought that Island 25 years ago, who is he to question how I acquired it even when eight RDCs who have served in that position have not questioned it,”  he said adding that “I am the true and rightful owner.”

Mr Mukula also denied claims that he has deployed soldiers on the said island who are harassing civilians.