Left by Anne Kansime, Mujungu hooks Nigeria’s Emmanuella

  • by Ignatius Liposhe
  • March 29, 2017
Mujungu and Kansime

London based Johnson Mujungu mastered the spin of marketing talent.

Mujungu after being left by him fellow mukiga last month has hit the hunt – signing West African comic outfit Mark Angel Comedy comprises of Comedian Emmanuella, Denilson Igwe and Mark Angel to his Grajoh Talent Management/Public Relations  as International Manager.

The trio with their hilarious comedy skits and unique comedy have become an internet sensation and are fast taking over the comedy world. Comedy child star a.k.a Princess of Comedy, 6-year-old comedian Emmanuella recently bagged an award as the Australian Government crowned her Princess of Comedy, was featured on CNN and more.

You can tell Mujungu was pretty ecstatic– even before he admitted it — but his insight seems on point, based on what his other comedian Ssegujja Herbert Mendo aka Teacher Mpamire wrote online.